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How it all works

Gliding on beacon technology pivot.bm uses Bluetooth to revolutionise communication within physical buildings and outdoor spaces. Your smartphone receives radio signals from beacons with a Bluetooth Low Energy transmitter allowing you to receive personalised content as a notification or directly within the app.

Download pivot.bm

Get pivot.bm from the Apple Store or Google Play. Then set up your preferences and fill in your age and gender. The more specific you are the better aligned the communication would be.


Whether you have an Apple or Samsung smartphone, proximity beacons can communicate with your device and launch a campaign, present you with a coupon or prompt you for an action.


Never be bombarded with random fluff again. Based on the preferences you set up and your age and gender, you will only receive offers and see campaigns that are tailored to you. Discover the best of Bermuda.

Did you know?

The name Bluetooth comes from the 10th century Danish King Harald Blåtand or Harold Bluetooth in English.

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Cut through the noise and get coupons and exclusive content from your favourite brands and businesses.

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Stay On Point

Get information when you actually need it. Set your phone up to be even smarter. pivot.bm uses cutting edge Bluetooth and beacon technology to display communication on mobile devices and digital display. We work with businesses and organizations that want to turn their physical space into a smart location, allowing you to have unique digital experiences.

Use Digital Coupons

Don’t hunt for coupons. Keep them right in your pocket. Cutting out coupons from the local newspaper or direct mail is over. We send you digital coupons for products and services that are redeemable on your next visit to the store. Our approach is personal so you don’t have to worry, you won’t be bombarded by random fluff.

Be Rewarded for Loyalty

We work with with the best in the business. Whether it be your favourite coffee shop or grocery store, we have loyalty programs that reward you and put money back in your pocket. If you’re tired of carrying multiple punch cards or exchanging your email address for discounts, this is for you.

Enter Contests On Your Phone

We’re committed to revamping promotions and contests. The thought of customers scribbling details on receipts and depositing them in ballot boxes keeps us up at night. We’ve made it digital and cool. Purchase an item and scan the QR Code on your receipt. It’s that easy.


If you’re tired of traditional marketing and media, let’s talk. We’re young but experienced, forward thinking and determined to take the island to the next level.